I Never Thought

from Our Undivided Attention by Benchmarks



I never thought too much about the future
guess I figured it was coming either way
but now it's giving me hypertension
'cause the future doesn't seem so far away

I never thought too much about potential
I guess I figured that I'd meet mine someday
but now I see it from across a crowded room
and I can't think of anything to say

handshake deals and trading favors
trusting the kindness of strangers
didn't seem like such a crime back then
borrowed time and borrowed cars
arms and hearts and electric guitars
just promise you'll see this to the end

I don't believe in dream interpretation
but if I did I would have stayed inside today
'cause last night someone was throwing punches
and I was catching them with my face

I never put a lot of stock in soulmates
it always sounded like a bad excuse to me
but I believe in love and work and patience
and searching for that one person who agrees

writing songs on paper napkins
just do your best and see what happens
and when I die don't pour one out for me
'cause you'll know I gave it everything


from Our Undivided Attention, released March 24, 2017


all rights reserved



Benchmarks Nashville, Tennessee

Lots of guitars.

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